Keilah’s Birth Story

Keilah’s Birth Story | Dads Valencia Birth Films from Dads Valencia on Vimeo.

This is Keilah’s Birth Story. It’s the birth of a new life in this wonderful world. A life of discovery and adventures. A life of new beginnings for a baby girl who will one day be a lady. A lady who will be a ‘stronghold’ of God’s destiny for her and her family.

Though it is not just a birth for a little child. It is also a birth of a new mother in Sheryn. A new role she will embrace for the rest of her life. A role that will transform her to an unconditionally loving mom.

This is a story that captures the precious moments of Keilah’s first day on earth. Her first look with her Grandma and her first bonding with her Aunt and Godparents. It also tells how amazing it is to have that first breastfeeding and first skin-to-skin with her Mommy. A wonderful emotion captured on film and will forever be treasured and always be fresh in the memories of the people who truly love her.

This is a birth story that is also a fulfillment to the dream of the storyteller behind the camera. A dream is born. A promise is fulfilled.

This is the first birth story for a lot of us. Keilah’s Birth Story is our story.

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